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I’m Dans. A self confessed crazy lady. Currently indentured servant to 4 kitties.

I’m a student at the moment. Doing a PhD in Veterinary Parasitology. Shamefully in my 4th year, with lab work and writing still ahead of me. Currently getting my head down and ploughing through lab work.

I’ve dealt with mental illness for at least 17 years now. Current diagnosis of ultra rapid cycling bipolar, with possible SAD. I say dealt with as sometimes I have suffered with it, sometimes I have fought it and sometimes I have simply lived with it. Trying to find a good balance between fighting it and living it at the moment.

I guess I am a pagan. Had inklings of a pagan nature for about 10 years now. The more time passes the more I move away from that word. Currently I feel at home with nature, believe in some kind of spiritual energy and pretty much do my own thing.

I long to connect more with the land, with its cycles and seasons, become closer to my food as well as other things I use and consume. Currently to do that I brew wines, grow fruit and veg in my garden and have taken on an allotment recently. I also knit, can crochet and spin a little and am hoping to learn to sew.

I’m also a geek, I like sci-fi and fantasy. I used to go to a fair few conventions and spend a fair bit of money on merchandise. Now I seem to be more of a fan from a far, reluctant to part with my money, and becoming more of a hermit as the years pass.

So that is me. Why am I here? In a way I would like to blog for myself to help monitor my progress in my journey to fight and live with my mental illnesses. If it ever helps anyone else then all the better. I would also like to share about my various crafty and growing experiments, failures and successes. So others may learn and so I can look back.

This is likely to be a place of short updates on practical things and long winded ramblings on mental illness and spirituality. I will note that sometimes when I speak about mental illness it will be the ramblings of crazy person (kinda comes with the territory), but at other times I hope it will be insightful, thought-provoking and inspiring to others.

If any of the above interests anyone woohoo, happy reading. If not I’ll be over in this corner of the internet typing to myself! 🙂


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