Start of 100 happy days

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Well the hubby has challenged me to do the 100 happy days. The aim is to take a picture everyday of something that has made you happy that day. It will mean a post a day but hopefully I can keep them short and not spam whoever follows this blog.

Today has had a theme of happiness; completion.

It started with finally submitting the first draft of a chapter of my thesis. That was happiness. I then took on what we know in the house as the ‘cupboard of doom’, it’s our cupboard under the stairs where everything gets dumped and you can find nothing. I took some ‘pre’ pictures, after I had already been let loose with the hammer and nails. It’s a job that has been on my to-do list for the last year. Felt good to make headway on it.

Then I took on the ‘evil bush’ outside. I have no idea why anyone would plant such a thing. It’s all sharp a prickly and dies back to create a sharp prickly under brush. The bush took a blood offering (or 5) but I filled a 1 ton bag with clippings and we can now park without scratching the cars or ourselves.

Lastly I cooked dinner. Sounds like nothing but I have been so messed up with the thesis this week that I’ve not cooked at all, probably last time I cooked was last Sat night.

Ok so maybe not completion as much as a waking from stagnation. Looking forward to see what tomorrow’s happy is.ImageImage


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