Strawberries and fire: 2nd day of happy

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What made me happy today? A combination of strawberries and fire I think.

The hubby gathered up all the rubbish wood we had collected over the winter, including an old bush he cut down in the front garden and the old raspberry canes and burnt them. We’ll add the ash to the compost heap.

I sat by Sam tending the fire and separated alpine strawberry plants, the gas company had dug them up and not replanted them. The soil they were in was so clay heavy that they survived. I left them in the greenhouse to dry the soil a little and then separated the plants, potting them individually. We’ll see what survives and re-plant some through weedproof fabric and likely give some away as well. I have so far done about a third of our alpine strawberries but have run out of pots!

Why did it make me happy? The hubby has an affinity with fire, he loves tending it, has a special way with it. Seeing him with a fire just fills me with content and happiness. Being by a fire and smelling the woodsmoke is wonderful on it’s own, but when he tends it it is even better. That I was sitting next to him and doing a task that I had previously found daunting, preparing for what I hope will see us harvesting strawberries, making wine, desserts and jams, all from things we grew from seeds. That was a happy moment. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the fire, we had no phones with us, but I did get some of the strawbs.



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