Horses and friends – 6th Happy day

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I may be a crazy cat lady but if I had more money I’d be a crazy horse woman too. My local riding school has an offer on at the moment for half price lessons so me and my house mate are going every other week. She is just starting to learn and I’ve been riding on and off for a while now. I love going riding. I love being on the horse, trying to work with it and get into balance with it. The exercise it gets me (yes it is exercise) and the chance to improve on skills that I’ve been working on for years. However it’s not just the riding I like but also the talking about it after. Going over with my house mate how the lesson was for both of us, how we looked to each other and how we can improve.

I struggled yesterday to pinpoint what made me happiest. In the end I thought that the happiest I felt the whole day was the 10min drive back home from riding where we talked over the lesson. Sometimes a good natter on a topic you love can really make your day. Unfortunately, I was driving so no photo but I think this one from the net gets across the message and makes me smile.

*may or may not be an accurate representation of me on a horse


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