7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Happy days

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Been saving these up, I didn’t really have much to say, and to be honest I wasn’t really at my happiest, but here goes. None of my own photos until today, just wasn’t up to taking them.

Ice-cream – 7th Happy day

I tried to get some lactofree icecream at my Tesco (I’m lactose intolerant) but they were out of stock so I gave Swedish Glace a try. I didn’t have much hope for it but was pleasantly surprised.

Much better than I expected

Running chickens – 8th Happy day

Visited a friend with a smallholding. Seeing her chickens run up the path made me happy. I had never seen a chicken run and the waddle just made me smile.

Wobble waddle

Statistics – 9th Happy day

Odd I know, and it wasn’t the stats itself that made me happy. Going over the appropriate use of decimal places when reporting data my husband was utterly confused as to the way I currently used them (generally reporting to 2 decimal places the whole way through even if that meant adding a 0 on the end). His exasperation made me very happy.

Never realised I didn’t use decimals properly

Accomplishment – 10th Happy day 

Finally finished lifting all the concrete and gravel from the soon to be veg bed. Just need to dig up some of the soil, it’s heavy clay with gravel mixed in. Then we can fill it in with better soil and get planting 🙂 Quite a few trips to the tip with rubble in the future (the bags).

Concrete cleared now for the digging

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