A new chapter begins

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It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I’m waiting for Pip to be a little deeper asleep before I put her down.

We did it. We’re living on a smallholding!

The move was hellish. Packing with a 9/10 week old is nigh on impossible. My husband had to take more time off than we had hoped, I think Christmas time will be hard as virtually  no holiday left for him. There was lots of DIY to do to do to get the house presentable. Didn’t get it all done so he may be travelling back to do it.

Even with hubby’s extra time off he ended up not sleeping the night before and I slept very little. We were still packing boxes when the vans pulled up. Yep vans multiple as we have far too much stuff.

The drive down was exhausting, one baby, 3 cats  and a dozen fish tank inhabitants and a 5 and a half hour journey that took 8 hours. The delay was partly due to driving slower for all the occupants, partly stopping every two hours to take Pip out of her car seat and largely due to A1 overnight roadworks/diversions.

But we did it. Pulled up at the new house at 3 am with all occupants alive and well.

It’s pretty much been nonstop since then. Still surrounded by boxes, still cleaning to do, things to buy, repairs to do, so much work to do outside and to figure out how things work. But we’re here, on a smallholding, ready to change the way we live.

More updates soon, including a new blog dedicated to the smallholding, but right now Pip is ready to put down and there’s a few more hours of sleep I can get before it is all go again.